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VM Heap Size

VM Heap Size

The heap is an area of dynamic memory allocated to programs. With a larger heap size, there is more memory for the program and the garbage collector can run more efficiently. Therefore, it is possible to get better performance by setting a larger VM heap size.

However, if you set it too high, you can run out of free memory which can trigger swapping which will degrade performance. Therefore the VM setting is a trade-off.

The optimal value will depend on the RAM on the device as well as the programs and usage patterns, therefore the optimal setting can often only be determined by the user experimentally.

Default value: varies between devices, but according to VM Heap Tool version 2.4.1 which I’ve just downloaded and installed from Google Play, the default for my 8GB Momo9 is 48MB.  This app will let me change the value from between 12MB to 64MB for my tablet and it is compatible with eyeoncomputer’s build.   For now, i won’t be changing the value as it seems optimized already, but if you are running some real memory intensive apps, you might want to try increasing the heap size a bit more.


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