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USB Ethernet LAN adapter

I just received a USB LAN adapter I ordered for $4.99 with free S&H, and I’m happy to report that they work out-of-the-box by simply plugging into the USB OTG cable, turning off WiFi, and then under Other > Ethernet turning on Ethernet.   This allows you to online access to the internet, etc. if you don’t have WiFi available, but have access to a wired ethernet LAN port. 

As a side note, if your wired ethernet port isn’t in a convenient location, you can instantly add an ethernet port by getting a pair of Homeplug AV adapters.   One unit plugs into your router and a power outlet and the other plugs into any other power outlet in your home.  Thanks to the 802.3u standard, the adapters communicate with each other through the power lines.  Since my Netflix was crapping out on my smart TV because of a poor WiFi signal, these adapters were the solution – 200 Mbps ethernet through my powerlines.  And since one unit is hooked up to the router, you can add several more individual adapters throughout your home wherever you want additional “wired” ethernet outlets.


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