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Upgrading Momo9 (and other Allwinner A10 tablets) to Jelly Bean

android_jellybeanlogoI upgraded my Ployer Momo9 tablet to Ice Cream Sandwich almost a year ago (as soon as I received it – didn’t even see if I liked Gingerbread ūüôā ), but while overseas a couple of weeks ago, it wouldn’t boot past the animated Android screen, so I decided it was time to follow my upgrade procedure and reroot my tablet. ¬† ¬†Since I used Superscript version 4 last time, I thought I would use the Version 5 that I had saved this time. ¬†Well it turns out that there was a Version 5b that I didn’t know about when it was published and it no longer seems to be available. ¬†It was written expressly for the Momo9 ¬†because the Google apps Currents, Docs, Maps, Music + You Tube wouldn’t fit during the initial install due to insufficient memory (as I soon discovered for myself), and the script was modified to install them as “optional” apps instead. ¬† This results in errors during the build and consequently the build didn’t work properly.

So, I had to decide on an alternative. ¬†I could have used the Version 4 ICS superscript instead but having read a blog comment by driguila where he recommended and had success upgrading to Jelly Bean, ¬† I followed the steps listed on karndev’s blog at¬† and installed Jelly Bean¬†4.2.2 beta2 instead. ¬† I am so glad that I went this route! ¬† One item that should be clarified though – when downloading the 2 zip files, you should copy the entire zip folders to your SD card (his instructions state “Place the downloaded files on your External SD card” which I first interpreted to mean Unzip the files). ¬†You can then¬†add CWM Recovery using Option 5 in the Superscript (version 4 or 5) and then select the option to reboot into Recovery Mode ¬†(or find a CWM Recovery download elsewhere).

Alternative Method to Reboot into Recovery Mode (after CWM Recovery is installed):
1.)  power off the tablet
2.)  hold the Menu/Options hard button on the tablet
3.)  while holding Menu/Options, press and hold the Power button
4.)  the tablet will turn on and directly go into Recovery Mode

To maneuver around the ClockworkMod Recovery 5 Menu

VOL+    moves Up
VOL-     moves Down
POWER   selects (OK)
BACK       moves Back

  1. Wipe data/Factory Reset* (FULL WIPE IS REQUIRED!!!)
  2. Go to Advanced>> Wipe Dalvik Cache
  3. Install from SD Card >> Install Cyanbook Jelly Bean zip
  4. Install from SD Card >> Install Gapps zip
  5. Reboot and Rejoice.

I am very happy with the results.   Since the only OS I ever ran on my tablet was the ICS build described in this blog, I always assumed that the choppy behavior was due to multitasking with a slow processor, but seeing how  much smoother and faster everything runs now with Jelly Bean, I now know that the ICS build was in need of further tweaks.    The only issues with this Beta build thus far include:

  • The camera might not work (I haven’t tried as I don’t care for now)
  • Setup stops while in the Apps and More (network) screens. The only reason I used to go to the Apps setup was to move programs onto the internal “SD¬†card”, but this build seems to do that automatically anyways
  • Netflix movies don’t seem to play. ¬†I never really watched them on my tablet anyways since my 50″TV has Netflix built-in; I just use the Search function to add movies to my que, since the TV app doesn’t have the search feature.
  • Bluetooth doesn’t appear to turn ON

NOTES: ¬†Setup Developer Options and Performance Settings are limited until you enable the enhanced options by going into¬†Settings¬†>¬†About ¬†Tablet¬†> and tapping on¬†Build Number¬†7 times. ¬†I wonder what other Easter Eggs are yet to be discovered…

“Key Lime Pie” is the next version of Android that is expected to debut in June 2013 and I’ll bet¬†karndev¬†will release a¬†CyanogenMod 10¬†package for our Allwinner A10 CPU tablets once again.


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