I’ve ordered my first Android tablet…

…While I’m waiting for delivery of my Ployer Momo9C Android tablet (from China), I’ve been prepping myself on all of the steps necessary in upgrading the OS from Android Gingerbread (GB) (version 2.3.x) with Chinese bloatware to an English “rooted” and unbranded version of Android Ice Cream Sandwich (ICE) (version 4.0.x) with no bloatware.   This blog will detail my findings and hopefully present in clear English the procedures and links necessary in accomplishing this task for others.

To begin with, it should be mentioned that Shenzhen Ployer Electronics Co., Ltd (in China) produces Android tablets (using the same Cortex A8 1.2 GHz processor and the Allwinner A10 chipset) for many other companies as well, and it is hoped that this blog might assist users of those tablets as well (hence the tags).   The Momo9 tablet has a 7 inch scratch-resistant glass screen and a front-facing 0.3 megapixel camera.   Other aspects of this model include:

RAM Memory 512MB DDR3 (~128MB is allocated to the GPU)
Flash memory 8GB NAND (2GB is allocated to the Android system partition for the operating system files and apps)
Screen description 7-inch (800×480) capacitive multi-touch (5 points) TFT LCD screen, 150° viewable angle
Hardware controls Home, Volume Up, Volume Down, Options, Back and Power (also Reset button in the Mic hole)
Audio Internal speaker and an internal microphone
Video Super-HD, Dual 1080P output (2160P total), AVI/MOV/MP4/RMVB/FLV/MKV
Add’l Storage Memory SD 3.0 card slot supports micro-SD cards (up to 32GB)
Camera 0.3 Megapixel (front)
Sensors Yes, 3-axis accelerometer & orientation
GPU Mali-400 OpenGL ES2.0 3D Graphics Accelerator (395MHz DSP)
Processor Cortex A8 ARM Core @ 1.2 GHz
CPU Chipset Allwinner A10
Flash Supports Flash 11.1
Android Market Yes (now called Google Play)
Youtube Yes
Skype Yes
Email & Browser Yes
3G Not built in, supports external 3G dongle (WCDMA/UMTS/GSM , CDMA, EVDO)
WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
Bluetooth Not built in
Battery 4000 mAh rechargeable lithium polymer
Product Size / Wt. 4.75″ x 7.75″ x 0.5″,  12.7 oz.
Ports (1) mini HDMI port, (1) mini USB OTG port, (1) 3.5mm stereo audio jack, (1) DC-5V power port


I had originally ordered a refurbished Airpad 7p with 4GB RAM and a free HDMI cable ($140.33 w/S&H) from x10.com as a surprise for my wife, but rather than just send what I wanted, they called late the next day (a Friday afternoon ) and left a voice-mail trying to upsell me a NEW Airpad 7p tablet???  for $30 more ($170.33 w/ S&H).   There went the surprise as my wife listened to the rep gabbing away, and besides I was going to upgrade/root the tablet, so why would I spend $30 more!   Don’t they realize customers might be trying to save money by ordering the “Like New, Refurbished” version?

When I called Monday morning (they were closed during that weekend)  to “allow” them to proceed with my order shipment, I asked whether the refurbished tablet would be the same exact model as the NEW tablet, the sales rep couldn’t guarantee that the model number would be exactly the same (some are CM007 and the newest ones are CM009) and that all sales were final!   In fact, he told me, most  of the refurbished units were actually customer returns and might have small scuff marks!   Since when is USED with “small scuff marks” = LIKE NEW?

So, I cancelled my X10 order right then and there and ordered a NEW Ployer-branded duplicate (with 8GB RAM – twice as much!) Momo9 series tablet instead from PandaWill.com with a 1-year warranty and free shipping for only $114 ($50 cheaper, even after adding in a HDMI cable and a car charger!!).   And I’m of the opinion that $114 sure beats paying $799 for an iPad for what is typically a secondary computer.

Unit price Qty Amount
Ployer Momo9c Tablet PC 7 Inch Android 4.0 New 1.2GHz CPU 8GB 2160P HDMI White
Item# sku10482
$114.29 1 $114.29
Original Car Charger for momo9 series Tablet PC
Item# sku21228
$3.99 1 $3.99
1.5M 1080P HDMI V1.3 Male to MINI HDMI Male Cable for Tablet to HDTV
Item# sku20254
$4.99 1 $4.99

After a lot of Google searches, I landed on Phong’s great videos and writeups and decided they were the best source thus far in “prepping” for my planned upgrade of my tablet once it arrives from China.  Thank you Phong (eyeoncomputer) and here is his link to a very thorough video that should coincide with the written procedure presented here.  My intention is to pull together all of the available explanations and FAQs I’ve found and expand even further in an orderly fashion so that a “nubie” can hopefully follow along and accomplish this process as if he/she were a hacker 🙂

The following list includes all A10 MID (Mobile Internet Device) tablet models, but only the models in red (which are all variations of the Ployer Momo9) will specifically be covered in my blog, although others may well be capable of the same updates as well, since they too are powered by the same A10 chipset:

First generation A10 Tablets (< 1 GB of memory):

AllDro Speed
Ainol Novo 7 Advanced
Ainol Novo 7 Advanced II
Airpad 7p (US vendor: X10.com) 
Allview AllDro Speed
Audemars Piguet PC741 (w/ bluetooth)
Aura LY-F1
Benss B7
Blueberry Net Cat M-06
Bmorn V9 plus
Bmorn V11
CherryPad Edwin C807
Cougar Boxchip A10C
Dropad A8HD
Eken MB1001
Eneoze 7 inch or 10 inch
F10 Google Android
Gpad A10
Hyundai A7
Iview 760TPC CyPad (US vendor: IviewUS.com)
LY-F1 (Netpad A10, TPGA-7AWN, A710)
Leoxsys Leopad i7-1500
Micromax Funbook P-300
Mobiitab 7
Onda VX610W
Onda Vi20W
Onda Vi10 deluxe edition
Onda Vi10 elite, 1GB Ram, 8 GB Flash, 1024×600 LCD
Onda Vi20W deluxe (the original Vi20W is RK2918-based)
Onda Vi30W deluxe
Onda Vx610w
Onda Vi40 (8g, 16g, 32g/ 10” screen)
Onda VX580W Deluxe Edition (5” tablet)
Ployer Momo8 (8″ screen 800×600)
Ployer Momo9 (C, Enhanced, etc)
Ployer Momo15 (10” screen)
Primux Bora 7″
Qware Pro3

Rexing V7
Sanei N70 N71 N72 N73 N80 N81 (N7x is 7” and N8x is 8”)
Saycool A710
Scroll Excel 3D
Sigotech V700 (resistive touch)
Sumvision Cyclone Astro
Skypad Alpha 2
Teclast P76 Resistive
Teclast P76ti
Teclast P85 (8″ screen 1024×768)
Teclast A10t
VeeDee D10
Visual Land VL-879
VitalASC Center-ST0716
WoPad A7 (upcoming)
Woxter PC65CX
Yarvik 260

2nd generation A10 tablets (at least 1GB of memory or more):

Ainol Novo Elf
Ainol Novo Aurora
Ampe A90
Gemei G9
Gemei G2
Bmorn V11 Extreme

Upgrading Procedure

[UPDATED 11/1/2012:  I’ve heard that the links no longer work as the author was asked to remove the files because of copyright issues – therefore I won’t be sharing those files that I downloaded either (besides I only have the .3 Megapixel camera version anyways).  You may have to go the Jellybean route instead.]


  • It is recommended that you not install any tablet drivers on your PC (as prompted when you attach the tablet to your PC via the USB cable), but rather install them as instructed in this upgrade procedure.  There are 2 different sets of USB drivers that will be needed on your PC and it can get very confusing if they are not installed at the proper time (and from the correct source).  The tablet USB drivers are standard Windows drivers, and the ADB USB drivers are special Google Android Debugging Bridge (ADB) drivers needed to root/install ClockworkMod Recovery (CWM) or provide ADB access in general.
  • Since Allwinner A10 can boot from USB, never worry about bricking your tablet, but you may lose your data, so it’s always a good idea to back that up!!!
  • LiveSuite can only be run from a Windows PC.
  • If the camera is the 0.3 Megapixel version, the firmware image should always start with 97F1
  • If the camera is either the 1.3 or the 2 Megapixel version, the firmware image should always start with 97F2

Download and Unzip Firmware Flashing Tool, the appropriate Firmware Image, the post-flash customization “Super” script and the ADB drivers:

Recommended flashing tool (x86 & x64) used to flash firmware for AllWinner A10 tablets
LiveSuite 1.07 (English) – 3.51MB
– tablet USB Windows drivers for 32-bit and 64-bit PC are included

ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich) Firmware (for 0.3MP camera models):
2012-03-14 – ICS 4.0.3 build (4.0.3-97F1-D1-H2-H01-N412.20120314)
– Note: has locked Market apps (the “super” script does fix it, run it immediately after the firmware flash)
NOTE: Check for most recent file here

ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich) Firmware (for 2.0MP camera models):
2012-02-28 – ICS 4.0.3 build (4.0.3-97F2-D1-H1-H01-1617.20120228)
– English, clean ICS 4.0.3 with few GApps, no Chinese bloatware, rooted
– get the “super” script below to unlock the Market apps
NOTE: Check for most recent file here

ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich) Firmware (for 1.3MP camera models):
2012-04-07 – ICS 4.0.3 build (4.0.3-97F2-D1-H1-H02-1901.20120407)
– latest release verion from Ployer, Chinese bloatware, rooted
– get the “super” script below to unlock the Market apps

Customized “Super” Script for ICS 4.0.3 – Version 4
– customized “Super” Script written by eyeforcomputer
NOTE: Check for most recent file here

AllWinner A10 ADB (Android Debugging Bridge) Drivers:
– you will need these if you want to do ADB commands
– with 32-bit and 64-bit drivers

Now to flash the image onto your tablet!!

  1. Unplug the tablet from any power or USB connections, making sure there is at least 50% charge on the tablet.
  2. Start LiveSuite (may also be named LiveSuit) by double-clicking on LiveSuit.exe and then selecting the appropriate image (.IMG) file downloaded above. No need to click on any of the other buttons – just leave the program window open.
  3. Make sure tablet is powered OFF and not just in standby mode.
  4. Plug in the PC end of your USB cable
  5. Hold the Volume Up button down for about 10 seconds.
  6. Keep holding the Volume Up button and plug the USB cable into the tablet.
  7. While still holding the Volume Up button, start pressing the Power button 10 times repeatedly (this wakes it up) and  you should hear an acknowledgment sound on your PC.
  8. You can now release all tablet buttons at this time.
  9. If this is the first time the tablet has been connected to this PC, Windows will prompt you to load the tablet’s USB Windows drivers.   Go to Control Panel – Device Manager and locate “Unknown Device” under Other Devices.  The proper drivers are in the LiveSuite folder under “usbdrivers”.   Select either the 32-bit or the 64-bit drivers, depending on which version of Windows is installed on your PC.
  10. Once the drivers are installed, LiveSuite will prompt you asking if you want to “Mandatory Format”.
  11. Click OK to this prompt and again to the “Are you Sure” prompt .
  12. The flashing should start as indicated on the progress bar in LiveSuite.
  13. Wait for the flash to complete (approx 2 minutes), and then turn ON the tablet by tapping the Power button.  Select Exit in LiveSuite at this time and then unplug the USB cable from the tablet (leave the PC end plugged in).
  14. Make sure your tablet is USB debugging enabled – this is where the Android Debugging Bridge (ADB) USB drivers will be needed…
    —->   Go to Settings > System > Developer options > USB debugging
  15. Set your display sleep to 30mins…
    —->   Go to Settings > Device > Display > Sleep > 30mins
  16. Plug the USB cable back in to the tablet again.   It will now be in USB debugging mode.
  17. If this is the first time the tablet has been connected to this PC in USB debugging mode, Windows will prompt you to load the USB (ADB) drivers.   Remember, these are unique and different from the  USB Windows drivers, so don’t be confused.  Go to Control Panel – Device Manager and locate “Unknown Device” under Other Devices.  These drivers are in the “Drivers – AllWinner A10” folder.  Select either the 32-bit or the 64-bit drivers, depending on which version of Windows is installed on your PC.
  18. Once the drivers are installed, initialize the post-flash customizing “super” script by running “fullmarket.bat”.
    —->   Choose “a. Complete script installation
    You will then be guided through the remainder of the entire process by instructions that are displayed during its execution.
  19. After installation is complete, press any key to Reboot the tablet.
  20. Unplug the USB cable from the tablet when it has started its reboot process, which may take a little longer than a normal reboot.
  21. ***  You are finished!!  ***

What his post-flash script does:
– it unlocks apps from the Google Play Store (formerly Android Market)
– it installs and updates all of the GApps (Google Apps such as GMail, Google Play Store, YouTube, etc.) and the framework
– it modifies the “build.prop” such that app sites you visit think you have a Samsung Galaxy S II device (needed to spoof GApps)
– with the above two items, the Google Play Store (formerly Android Market) will unlock most (to all) apps including paid apps
– it installs Superuser (and the SU binary) to completely manage this rooted device
– it can disable battery draining services (like the Phone services)
– it has optional free apps that you can install as well, such as Adobe Flash, Advanced Wifi Lock, ES File Explorer, etc..
– it can also install ClockworkMod (CWM) Recovery 5 (for ICS) and is capable of rebooting into the CWM Recovery Mode

– major menu/UI change for the script
– added separate options to custom install what you want
– added old Market option (not needed, just in case if you have paid apps issues)
– added the ClockworkMod Recovery 5 installation script
– added feature to disable Phone services to save battery
– added AnTuTu CPU Master with the essential apps, so you can overclock (up to 1200MHz)
– updated GApps and framework
– fixed issue with GApps not syncing
– fixed paid apps issue with Google Play Store (Market)
– slimmed down the script and contents to not run into “out of memory” errors for the recent ICSbuilds
– removed non-essential GApps like Currents, Music, and Plus (they can all be downloaded from the Market)
– my (optional) essential apps are updated, like Flash Player
– updated all the GApps to most recent versions, including the Google Play Store (formerly Market)
– fixed the “Unfortunately, the process com.google.process.gapps has stopped” errors
– fixed Google Calendar and other GApps sync issues

The Google Apps (GApps) included with the script are:
– YouTube
– Google Calendar
Google Currents
Google Plus
– Latitude
– Navigation
– Places
– Google Messenger
Google Music
– Google News & Weather
– Google People (aka. Contacts)
… and more that overwrite the ones already in the system (such as Gmail and Google Play Store)

Other Non-GApps installed with the script:
– Superuser (with the SU binary loaded) to fully completely manage this rooted device

(Optional) Essential apps include:
– Adobe AIR
– Adobe Reader
– Adobe Flash Player
– Advanced Wifi Lock
– AllWinner Mod
– ES File Explorer
– Facebook
– Market Unlocker

Booting into Recovery Mode…

If you want to get into CWM Recovery mode for some reason, depending on which tablet you have, here is the process (make sure the tablet is off and no cables are plugged in):
– For NOVO7 Advanced, push & hold the VOL+ hard button, then also hold the power button..
– For Teclast P76Ti, push & hold the BACK hard button, then also hold the power button..
– For Ployer Momo9 & IVIEW 760TPC, push & hold the MENU hard button, then also hold the power button.

Forthcoming Refinements…

I’m sure more refinements are in the works, such as Bluetooth behavior, installing apps directly to the external micro SD card and a Netflix patch …

Also want to point out that in theory, if you copy other application install packages (.apk) into the apps subfolder of your post-flash script folder, they should be installed for you as well.   There is no need to worry about apps installed via Google Play though, as those should reinstall automatically on a re-flashed tablet as you reconnect to the market.

I will be investigating the addition of the following into “fullmarket.bat” to take advantage of the external card while installing the apps using the command

adb shell pm setInstallLocation 2

where the options are:

  • 0 [auto]: Let the tablet decide the best location for an app
  • 1 [internal]: It installs everything in the internal storage
  • 2 [external]: It installs everything in the memory card

The USB OTG port…

I was curious as to what was peculiar about the “On the Go” (OTG) port and realized, after some research, that this is actually the most used variation of the mini-USB port configurations and is sometimes also called USB Mini-C.   Depending on how pin 4 (ID pin)  is wired in devices you plug into the tablet, the tablet either goes into “host mode” or “client mode” automatically.

Host/client switching is done via the USB OTG logic:

  • only internal 5V pull-up on pin 4 and 0V on pin 1: no cable is attached (USB circuit may sleep)
  • only internal 5V pull-up on pin 4 and 5V on pin 1: client cable attached (switch to client mode)
  • 0V on pin 4 (pin 4 is wired with pin 5 inside the plug connector): switch device to host mode, turn on 5V power to pin 1.

Host devices should connect power to pin 5 only if they detect host cable.

So… when you plug a mouse into the port as an example, it has no power on its own, so the tablet goes into host mode and turns on the  5 volts to pin 5 to provide power for the mouse (if the USB device(s) will draw over 100mA , a powered hub should be used though).   On the flip side, when you attach the tablet to your PC, it sees the power from the PC on pin1 and goes into client mode instead, and treats your tablet as external storage device.


Since this tablet is also supposed to be an ideal movie streaming device with it’s HDMI jack supporting 1080p output, you can connect it to your TV and stream FULL 1080p HD movies, Youtube and TV shows to the big screen – assuming your WiFi connection provides adequate bandwidth.   All you need is an HDMI to Mini-HDMI Cable.

I thought that the Rii Mini MWK02 (Bluetooth) would make the perfect couch “remote control” (with backlit buttons as well) for the media functions, as well as a remote portable keyboard / trackpad using the included Bluetooth 2.0 dongle plugged into the USB port.  This device is also available in plain 2.4GHz wireless as well, but if I can get Bluetooth to behave with Android ICS, it will be a good match.




  1. rolf said

    great info and i thank you! was wondering about the VitalASC STO716 specs on the USB dongle connect at vitalasc it says EVO/WCDMA but isn’t this only for 4g..was wondering if it also works with CDMA, CDMA2000/EV-DO for 3g…any help would be appreciated on this subject.

  2. ameridan said

    Sorry, but I’m not yet familiar with the mobile network dongles, but from a quick Google search, it appears 4G dongles support 100Mbps speed and they’re backward compatible with 2G & 3G too. I plan on using Wifi exclusively with my tablet.

  3. rolf said

    ok, thanks…i did find out the vitalasc sto716 also uses CDMA2000/EVDO, so i’m good.

  4. Ted said

    Thanks for your excellent instructions for updating these tablets. I just bought a Visual Land Connect tablet VL-879. My goal is to be able to use all the main Google apps. I have some questions.

    1. Before I modify the VL-879, I would like to backup the unit, but can’t find a way to get the Clockwork app installed so I can use Nandroid. How can I backup my unit before installing your mods? Do I even need to, or would the unit be completely restored using the “factory reset” option?

    2. I downloaded Google Play Store .apk, and also hear that there is a G-Market.zip on one of the sub-folders of the unit. Can I install either of these without installing your mods?

  5. ameridan said

    I did get my Momo9 on 4/5 and following my instructions, I was done about 20 minutes later without any issues!! I’ve since installed a whole lot of apps, and even though I inserted the command “adb shell pm setInstallLocation 2” into the super script, only 2 apps actually installed onto the “SD card”, which in fact is the unreserved internal flash memory over 2GB, not the external SD card as one might think.

    Just to be clear, the instructions are mine, but the mods aren’t.

    1. Depending on what you’ve done with your VL-879, perhaps you needn’t really backup. If you’ve simply installed apps from Google Play Store without much change in the settings, they should reinstall easily when you reconnect your tablet.

    2. G-Market is the older version of Google Play Store, so you’d be going backwards. I’m not familiar with your tablet, so I can’t answer as to whether either will install (probably depends on if it is currently rooted or not).

  6. rohanale said

    Excellent article. Just updated by Ployer Momo9 with no issues. The update is beautiful. Thanks.

  7. ameridan said

    Thanks for the feedback! I agree. Haven’t bothered to try out his version 5 superscript. He’s working on version 6 already but until I see an advantage to upgrade again (like Bluetooth fixed), I’ll enjoy as-is.

    I’m going to insert a note that readers of this blog look for the most recent superscript, since version 4 may soon be “outdated”.

  8. sando said

    VitalASC STO716, so from what i have read above i’m assuming this tablet comes rooted…?

    • ameridan said

      I know the Momo9 does, as well as some of the other Allwinner A10 tablets, so I can only assume that the model you mention comes rooted too.

  9. sando said

    ok, so let me ask you are all the tablets listed in red, are they all able to be flashed to ICS 4.0.3. using the video from eyeoncomputers or your written version…..well i guess that’s just another way to ask if they are rooted….i like the iview 760, yet i’m more interested in the vitalasc 716…wish i could find out for sure before i buy,….thanks i appreciate your prompt reply….and for the info…..

  10. ralph said

    can you please help me brother….i’m trying to flash the iview 760 ..here is what i tried…loaded the image into live suit, plug the tablet in while holding the vol up, click the power button until windows 7 see’s the device..then i go to device manager & try to load the 64 bit usb drivers from the livesuite folder and the drivers will not load, get error code 10…been stuck here all day.. i have all the recent downloads from eyeoncomputers…using windows 7 amd 64 bit PC…i even tried on my xp 32 bit PC & i get the same error code with both sets of drivers…i feel like giving up…help me …..

  11. ralph said

    ok, i finally had some success…i got the Usb drivers from another source and was able to easily flash..lthe drivers loaded smooth as silk and the Flashing was a success …everything went great until i tried to install the ADB drivers as instructed above and it was a no go, same message as before code 10.. so i tried finding some ADB drivers on google for the iview but i was always redirected rite back to tablet republic, both driver downloads would not work for me from the posted links so i just went ahead and ran the script 5b…everything seems to work very well so far….what exactly am i missing out on by not having the ADB drivers installed? ICS 4.0.3. is the Bomb i love it, been playing with it all night…

  12. ameridan said

    lIt almost sounds as if the drivers did load regardless of the error. Also that is a one-time deal, so if you go through this procedure again, you should be able to sail through those 2 steps. I had absolutely no issues, but I’m still on XP SP3.

    Out of curiosity, were the windows drivers that worked in a LiveSuite 2.09 package instead? I always wondered why Phong points to LiveSuite 2.07 when a newer version is available.

  13. ralph said

    the livesuit program was thru mediafire i believe it was .07..

    ..”what am i missing without the ADB Drivers”, can you tell me?

    …the tablet would not flash in Livesuit from the links posted at T.R…..Worked fine with M.F. drivers….

    You ain’t kidding, the next time will be a breeeeze!

  14. ralph said

    got the ADB drivers installed & my windows 7 64bit does recognize the android device & drives….they show up as 3 different drives in my computer, yet i cannot open any of them?…i would like to be able at least to access the external card on my tablet from the PC….do i format the external card on the tablet from the PC?….sure wish you would help me out here….

    • Allan Marriott said

      Grrr, I hate it when delete = go back, oh well forces a shorter spiel as not writing all of it again.

      For those reading this and wondering but how, bottom corner of tablet where clock is, brings up mini status, shows date, time, WIFI, Battery, and USB status, USB CONNECTED allows you to switch on USB Storage which then allows you to see the drives and access them on PC

      Note I have a china imported 8GB Plloyer MoMo I think 9, Model M701C, this came with Android 4.0.3 and various apps pre installed.

      Only thing I have noticed compared to an IPAD, is that the screen orientation sensors take longer to react, and the feel of the screen is different, more glassy if that makes sense, other than that I have to say my £70 tablet and £10 Keyboard case runs circles around our Apple counterpart considering the cost difference.

      Only issue I have is I got no software with the unit, and every time I connect to the PC I get asked to install the Android drivers, tried the AllWinner ones above and they start, but then come up with windows encountered a problem while trying to install, Android ADB Interface, The system cannot find the file specified.

      Any ideas?

      • Allan Marriott said

        OK downloaded another copy of the drivers and when unpacking realised I didn’t do directory structure the previous time, either the new download had stuff the other didn’t, or the unpacking with structure solved the issue, drivers now installed correctly.

        Still loving my unit, can see delays and little bugs here and there but they amount to so little that I am still extremely happy with the value for money!!!!

  15. ralph said

    never mind i figured this out, like everything else so far

  16. ameridan said

    Ralph, I didn’t respond promptly because I’m new to Android as well 🙂 Eyeoncomputers had a link in one of his blogs that gave me a clue as to why I too couldn’t see my external micro-SDHC card – I had a USB card reader that pre-dated HC cards, and so it wasn’t capable of formatting them. I used my kodak camera to format it instead, and that was a mistake as it installed Kodak software on the card, which made my PC think I was attaching my camera to the PC. I’ve since purchased a new USB card reader that handles the HC format and all is well now.

    How did you resolve?

  17. ralph said

    hey ameridan, my apologies for being short,… i turned off usb debugging & shazam all is good….i know what your thinking the adb drivers are not installed, yet they are because before i installed i had the yellow notice in the device manager & nothing showed up in my computer….after installing i got a driver was successfully installed message from windows 7 and the drives showed up in my computer and the device manager showed my device minus the yellow notice message….. but i still could not access the drives…..it’s a windows 7 thing i’m thinking…..my goal was to be able to access my external card from the PC & it was accomplished…..what a relief….man i worked on this Flashing process around the clock for 3 days & a learning experience it was!…..guess it’s a good way for a noob to learn,.. now i know…….my only minor complaint about the flashing experience to ICS 4.0.3. is that all the apps that were available to me with Gingerbread, are not with ICS yet i’m still a happy camper and the future should bring plenty more available apps…..have a great day man…

  18. ralph said

    finally figured out why i was having so much trouble in Windows 7 using the Livesuit program & installing the drivers, it was due to windows 7 firewall being on…..i re-flashed because i was not completely satisfied about the installation of the ADB drivers, the second flashing went perfectly as directed above once the firewall was turned off……

  19. ameridan said

    Ralph, thanks for posting your update. That may very well help others.

  20. dreamer said

    Thank you for this nice post. I’m looking for the information for the original recovery that comes with the tablet.
    I mean, my chinese Iview 1.3Mpx camera model, does not seem to have the flashing secuence for livesuit. Tried everything and in 3 different computers. Problem is also that a don’t know (I can’t find the information) of how to flash from the built-in recovery (Volume+ & Power button combination), that already seems to have the tablet from factory, with only 4 options:

    1) erase user data partition
    2) enter adfu
    3) upgrade firmware from sdcard
    4) exit menu

    For the 3), I mean, where to put the image, if it should be zipped and what name, and also what name/format of the file/s inside the zip. Don’t know what is 2), also.

    I can’t flash CMW, since seems that I don’t have ‘su’ binary, so I need to use the recovery that came from factory.

    Thanks for the very nice entry and sorry for my english

  21. ameridan said

    If I were you, I’d just follow the procedure exactly as presented above, because I believe the unit you purchased from eFox is an unbranded Ployer Momo9c tablet with 1.3 MP camera. If you are using Windows 7, be sure to turn off your firewall before starting, or you won’t have any success. The ICS I’ve loaded works great with all apps that I’ve loaded!

    • dreamer said

      Thanks a lot for your help. I’m going to reinstall my windows copy and look to do everything exactly. Everytime I try, the tablet seems to boot that recovery menu after showing the charging image.

  22. dreamer said

    I find this information interesting [and others may find this useful].
    I have just found, that ADFU means Actions Device Firmware Update, and it is the firmware flashing mode for my 1.3Mpx device.
    When I enter that mode, Windows finds a new device and needs a driver that I don’t have. Perhaps it is the Live Suite driver…

    Have a look here: http://wiki.s1mp3.org/USB_modes


  23. i bought a momo9 7″ back in november last year from aliexpress,iv’e got a slight problem and might be able to help or help from ployer themselfs,as you know thay did a update to the new firmware 4.0.3,which my friend put on to t,as stated,iv’e got a e160e dongle to which the 3g support info says on tablet,
    I have put dongle in but does nothing but lights up/flash,also by vpn nothing listed,also done manuall apn’s saved,but nothing is coming up,tryed most things,apart from backup & reset,can you find out if possible can i reflash tablet or do i have to do a factory data reset,i did email ployer,but no reply as yet,can you help me please.
    ps, i have 4.0.3 on pc
    look forward to your reply jason kelly

    • Rahul said

      Same issue with me for Ployer MOMO11 Speed

  24. ameridan said

    Hi Jason,

    Although the drivers are probably present for the e160e dongle, if you ran the complete script in EOCs superscript, it included option #7: “Disable battery draining services: Phone, Telephony, Vpn, etc.“, so I would recommend starting over again and at step # 18, running all of the options individually – except for option #7.

    Or you could customize the “complete” script by commenting out the disablebattery section from fullmarket.bat.

  25. E said

    Which copy of 4.0 is in English

  26. ameridan said

    Most of the iView ICS firmwares for 0.3MP and 2.0MP camera versions are Engllish and in particular, I know that the one I’ve choosen ~ 2012-03-14 – ICS 4.0.3 build (4.0.3-97F1-D1-H2-H01-N412.20120314) for the 0.3 MP camera is English.

    By the way, I just realized that my links for “Check for the most recent versions here” weren’t functioning properly and I’ve just fixed them to point to EyeOnComputer’s complete MediaFire library of files.

  27. E said

    I was using the 1.3 camera, I was able to change the language but not everything actually changes to English.
    Thanks for the fast response

  28. Aurobindo said

    Hey buddy have you tried any of the cyanogenmods for Momo9. If you have could you recommend me working one.

    • ameridan said

      No I haven’t, because everything but Bluetooth works on my Momo9c. In fact after loading “Hackers Keyboard” app (which works MUCH better than the default keyboard), I no longer care about using the mini Bluetooth keyboard I purchased, so I think I’ll put it on eBay.

      • new flash new firmware updates for the momo tablets at
        http://www.ployer.cn`as of 4/7/12

        [EDIT by ameridan] The page that Jason has linked to now reveals a Momo9 III, which is the 3rd generation version of the tablet. I would not use any 3rd generation firmware for our Momo9c tablets (2nd generation) because not only are there no buttons on the front, the processor is different as well. To add to the confusion, Ployer also now has a Momo9 ‘Star’ tablet which has a 9″ screen, so it isn’t even part of the 7″ series tablets.

        However, as Jason states, the 4/7/2012 firmware on the Downloads page is for the Momo9 and Momo9c tablets.

  29. Ruben said

    unable to download any of the eyeoncomputers_scripts from mediafire, any other place to get it, missing that to upgrade tablet, thanks

  30. ameridan said

    If the file(s) weren’t so large (120MB), I’d upload them to my MediaFire account. But being that I have DSL, I’d probably not have success.

    • ruben said

      it’s reading that the eyeoncomputers_scripts violate terms of service in Mediafire, any other site that may host it?

  31. Rica said

    Just updated my Tablet. But the rotate sensor is not wolking! I set it up to rotate and nothing happens…Can anyone help me????

    • ameridan said

      Sounds like you might not have the image file that goes with your tablet.

  32. Marky said

    I have an F10 Google Android. The installation went smooth but now the touch screen is not functioning. I did a force update and it did warned me files could go missing. Could that have something to do with the reason why the touch isn’t working?

    • ameridan said

      I show the F10 Google Android as being a Ployer Momo9 clone. If that turns out not to be true, let me know and I’ll correct it. Do the specs for your unit state that the touch screen is 7-inch – 800×480?

      • Marky said

        Yes, 7-inch – 800×480 is correct.

  33. jennifer said

    Got all excited and was going to try to “fix” the issues I am having setting up a Bmornv15! BUT, the some of the links seem to be faulty…

    I too am having issues downloading simple Google Play apps like Fb, Pandora, Netflix, etc… Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

  34. ameridan said

    I’ve heard that the links no longer work as the author was asked to remove the files because of copyright issues – therefore I won’t be sharing those files that I downloaded either (besides I only have the .3 Megapixel camera version anyways). You may have to go with cyanogenmod’s Jellybean build instead.

  35. the download link from mediafire is not working. where can I download.

    • ameridan said

      I’ve updated the link for the superscript (version 5b) but I’m unaware of working links for some of the other files.

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